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We hope you enjoy your stay here and if this guide does not cover any subject you need assistance on please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Duck Lodge is a boutique log cabin located in a village in the South Downs. Wake up to tranquility in this all-wood home, within the seclusion of a lush garden location. Inside, you’ll notice not just its eclectic furnishings and decor, but how well-equipped it is. Including a Nepresso coffee fix, Sky TV, Netflix and a Sonos sound system. The luxury extends outside, where you’ll enjoy a private patio, an honesty bar. The hot tub is 25m away up on the main patio for your exclusive use..



We apologies in advance to guests who smoke.  
We are a non smoking Bed and Breakfast which also includes the surrounding areas of the front and back garden.



Travelling south on the A23 from Gatwick take the exit towards A273/Hassocks. At the T junction turn right and follow the road till you get to the Plough Pub which is on your left. Turn immediately left and drive up Church Lane till you come to a cross roads by the Church. Turn right down School Lane and we are the 4th house on the right. If travelling from Brighton on the A23 take the slip road towards Hassocks A273, go under the flyover, first exit will take you to the BP Garage/M&S continue and take the second turning on the left. Drive up School Lane and we are the third house on the left. We have a Swing Sign attached to the side of the house showing Duck Lodge and a large Carriage Lamp at the front.






We ask you to park on the drive, not on the road please.  When you arrive you will see the side entrance to Duck Lodge that has a sign on it – Please reverse into the drive as close to the fence as possible, letting your passenger out first so you can get nice and close to the fence and have the front of your car in line with the front post to allow me to get my car out that’s parked at the front of the house. If you need to charge an Electric Vehicle we can do this for a fee of £10 based on 6 hours from 23:30-05:30 overnight using a Type 2 connector.



Check-in time is 4pm and check-out is 11am


The cost to check out late may be possible but depends on the day.  The recognised additional cost of a late check out of 2 hours is 30% of the nightly rate. Please let me know if this is something you would like to arrange in advance and we will do out utmost to accommodate this.  The additional cost is to be paid directly by cash or card. 


The Heating is fully automatic and follows the following schedule.

In the Winter the Heat Air Source Pump System keeps the Lodge as follows

Daytime 22deg Celsius between 07:00-22:00

Night-time 19deg Celsius 22:00-07:00

In the Summer when we experience hot weather the system will keep the Lodge to the same temperatures.


We have a super-fast wifi connection speed of 76mps.
The Wi-Fi name: Duck Lodge B&B
Password: ducklodge123



We have two TV’s in Duck Lodge – The main one in the lounge and a second screen in the bedroom area so you can snuggle pup and watch a film in bed.
To turn on the TV in the lounge use the White Remote, make sure Sky is selected then use the Sky remote to make your selection.
To turn off the screen hold down the power button using the white remote till the red light comes on at the bottom of the screen. 

To operate the TV in the bedroom please use the LG Remote located on the bed side table.  Note the bedroom TV is only a mirror image of what is being watched in the Lounge area  

To select channels hit the SKY button on the top of the remote – push the left navigation button once, then up once & hit Enter (middle button with a dot) 
You will now see the planner, navigate to your desired program and then hit Enter (the middle button with a dot)
To access Netflix hit the Sky button – left arrow and scroll down to Apps, select Netflix and hit the Duck Lodge Account
The Pin number to access age related programs is 1206



Breakfast is served between 07:30-10:00 and will be brought down to you at a time of your choice.       

You can enjoy your breakfast outside on the patio or inside weather dependant. 

  • Fresh ground coffee

  • Cafetiere

  • Nespresso machine + Standard Pods

  • Fresh orange juice

  • Selection of Twinings Teas

  • Freshly baked French baguette, croissants, pain au chocolate

  • Cheese 

  • Ham

  • Watermelon

  • Pineapple

  • Selection of cereals

  • Selection of preserves

  • Yogurt with or without Granola topping



There are two coffee pods for you to make your own coffee.  Detach the water reservoir and fill this with water from the bathroom (this is Drinking Water) Press the power button that is back right to heat up the machine.
Just touch the illuminated cup size which is located on the top of the machine  



You will find towels located in the bathroom together with a hand towel. If you are staying more than one night and you would like a change of towels please let me know – leave them in the shower and they will be replaced.



Please note – Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Everything else, including things such as wipes, sanitary products, dental floss, make up remover and nappies must be placed in the bin provided to the left of the WC. Sanitary bags can be found under the sink



The Hot Tub is on the main patio and available from 4 pm onwards daily for up to 2 hours for your complimentary use. Please leave by 9 pm and be respectful to our neighbours and not play loud music. Two bathrobes are in the bedroom for you to use and hooks are near the tub. Kindly take a quick shower before hopping in and remove makeup. Tie long hair to prevent the bromine from turning it green. Before usage, we'll brief you on how to operate the Hot Tub with the adjustable roof. Safety and enjoyment go hand in hand, so kindly give these recommended guidelines a quick read-through.

The hot tub is heated to 40°C. 
Please note that when the pumps are running on full power the tub will naturally decrease in temperature as the heating system does not work when in use. At 40°C, you are advised to limit your time in the hot tub to a maximum of 2 hours. People with skin, ear, or other body infections, open sores, or wounds should not use the hot tub due to the risk of spreading infection. Pregnant women and people with heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, or any serious illness should consult their doctor before using the hot tub. Excessive exposure to the hot tub can increase the risk of allergic reactions and skin complaints. If any allergic reaction occurs leave the hot tub and rinse off in the shower then contact me 07966 292601. We suggest not consuming alcohol before or during hot tub use (these are guidelines and not compulsory as we all like having a beer or to sip a glass of Champagne in a tub). The heat of the water speeds up the effects of alcohol and can cause sleepiness, dizziness, and unconsciousness. We suggest not using the hot tub when on medication as this may cause sleepiness, drowsiness, or raise/lower blood pressure. We suggest not using the hot tub after a heavy meal or exercise as the water temperature can affect your heart rate. Please only use plastic glasses which are available in the lodge. Please do not sit on the Hot Tub lid as it will damage it . Please ensure you understand how to remove and store the cover when using the hot tub. For the consideration of our neighbours, music should not be played loudly by the hot tub, and we kindly request you vacate by 21:00. It is natural to raise your voices to speak over the jets, but please be aware that sound does travel very easily in the countryside and regulate your volume accordingly. We reserve the right to withdraw the hot tub without refund in the event of misuse. If the hot tub needs to be shut down, cleaned and refilled due to misuse then an additional charge will apply of £50. We appreciate you taking the time to go through the above and please understand we are only covering ourselves  



There is an Honesty Bar in Duck Store where you will find a fully stocked fridge.  Please help yourself and pay Cash or I have a card machine when you leave.  Feel free to you the fridge for your own items.


• Gin & Tonic £2.50

• Pink Gin & Tonic £2.50

• Red Wine £10.00

• White Wine £10.00

• Corona £2.50

• Desperado £2.50

• Coke £1



There is a Microwave together with an Iron and Ironing board (Ironing Board Cover under the bed in the storage box) located in Duck Store for your use.  Feel free to use this area to store any excess luggage or bags you may have to save space in Duck Lodge during your stay.



We have provided a sound system for your entertainment.  This atomically works with voice activated Alexa 

To use Alexa always start your command with her name ie “Alexa” followed by ……….

  • What’s the weather like tomorrow 

  • Set alarm for 8am

  • Play anything by Robbie Willaims

  • Play Radio 1

  • Play Classic FM

  • Skip

  • Turn up the volume

  • Turn it up

  • Stop

  • Pause

  • Set volume to 3

  • Tel me a Joke

  • Play Sunday morning music 

  • Tell me about the movie The Greatest Showman


Have fun :o)




The Ginger Fox

“My favourite restaurant” 


2.5 miles

Tel 01273 857888


The Glasshouse

“In-house restaurant part of a Healthclub”


3 miles

Tel 01273 857567


The Fig Tree

“Small cozy Michelin star restaurant”


2.4 miles

Tel 01273 832183


The Friars Oak

“Part of the Vintage inn group – good food”


2.4 miles

Tel 01273 847801


The Plough 

“Local pub that is serves great pub food”


0.2 miles

Tel 01273 842796 


The Bull

“Award winning country pub serving great food – great atmosphere”


2.6 miles

Tel 01273 843147


The Royal Oak

“Great country pub – 1 hours walk from here”


2 miles

Tel 01273 857389


The Shepherd and Dog

“Real Ale pub at the base of the downs – 2 hours walk from here”


3 miles

Tel 01273 857382


The Half Moon

“Great Pub with outside garden en route to Lewes”


4.4 miles

Tel 01273 890253



Naasta – Indian Street Food


(Burgess Hill)

4 miles

Tel 01444 473747


Wild Mango – Indian


(Burgess Hill)

4 miles

Tel 01444 246627


Lemongrass -Thai


 (Burgess Hill)  

4 miles

Tel 01444 871410


Tim Fai – Chinese



2.4 miles

Tel 01273 841222


The Plough – International



0.2 miles

Tel 01273 842796 


Hassocks Kebab – Turkish 



2.4 miles

Tel 01273 843888


Domino’s Pizza – Italian



3.2 miles

Tel 01273 556001



If you need anything whatsoever please call me (Keith) on my mobile 07966 292601 or knock on the Patio Door if I am in.
I hope you enjoy your stay in Duck Lodge and if there is anything you need assistance with for example Walks in this area or where to eat I am your man as I know them all within Pyecombe and Brighton.

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