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a picture of me the owner of duck lodge b&b

I had worked for American Express for 24 years and regrettably I was made redundant in Feb 2016. Unknowingly at the time it was the best thing that could ever happen to me, as it was going to allow me to live my dream of running my own Bed and Breakfast. Having worked for a large Corporate company I had gained a massive amount of Customer Service and Communication skills dealing with the Rich and famous, arranging a picnic for 50 on the side of the Thames with 3 hours notice, organising a private jet for a family of 3 to attend a surprise party to purchasing a Baby Bentley wrapped up in a red bow for a Wedding present. Setting up Duck Lodge was going to be a challenge compared to my previous life but I have to say I have enjoyed it from day one. Duck lodge opened in Feb 2017 and has been an absolute dream to run. The one aspect I love is meeting different people on a daily basis – everybody has a story to tell which I find so interesting – I absolutely love dealing with people and making people feel happy, welcome and making sure they enjoy their stay in Duck Lodge and to be a memorable one. In my spare time I love taking my two Chocolate Labs (Bella & Beau) out walking on the downs, mountain biking around Sussex and the Lake District and my passion is Cooking – Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out ! I have lived in Pyecombe for 27 years and love being an intricate part of village life together with my Partner John and my 25 year old Daughter Ella. Watch this space for my first restaurant maybe! or eventually a session on Come a Dine With Me :o)


The Story behind the name of "Duck Lodge B&B"
During our travels in Banff Springs in 1995, my ex-wife and I stumbled upon an odd store that offered US Mail Boxes in different disguises, such as a Hippo, a Pink Flamingo, a Horse, a Red Fire Engine, and, of course, a Mallard Duck. We were fascinated and decided to purchase the shiny new Duck Mailbox to place it outside our house in Pyecombe. 

The Duck quickly became a local attraction, as hundreds of walkers would stop to take pictures with it on the South Downs Way. One morning, however, we found the Mailbox missing, post and all! We were puzzled by its disappearance but one month later, we received a postcard saying "Gone to Brighton to do a Tern, you will need to use another mailbox Teal I return - Have a Quacking Christmas." 

Tern and Teal are both breeds of ducks. The mystery remains unsolved to this day.


The Mailbox is featured in a local South Downs Way guide asking people to "Quack" as they pass the mailbox, fame at last.

Thus, we decided to name our new B&B "Duck Lodge" to commemorate our fond memories of the Duck Mailbox.


The story of Duck Lodge Mailbox
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