We have two TV’s in Duck Lodge – The main one in the lounge and a second screen in the bedroom area so you can snuggle up and watch a film in bed.
To turn on the TV in the lounge use the Sky remote and press the power button – this will turn on the Sky Box and automatically turn on the screen.
To turn off the screen hold down the power button till the red light comes on at the bottom of the screen. To turn off the Sky Box push the power button once.
To operate the TV in the bedroom please use the LG Remote located on the bed side table.  Note the bedroom TV is only a mirror image of what is being watched in the Lounge area.  
To select channels hit the SKY button on the top of the remote – push the left navigation button once, then up once & hit Enter (middle button with a dot). 
You will now see the planner, navigate to your desired programme and then hit Enter (the middle button with a dot).
To access Netflix hit the Sky button – left arrow and scroll down to Apps, select Netflix and hit the Duck Lodge Account.
The Pin number to access age related programmes is 1206