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  • Covid-19 | Duck Lodge B&B

    COVID-19 When staying in Duck Lodge please be rest assured in light of Covid-19 we are fully sanitising the lodge on a daily basis by using the latest fogging system. This new process sends a microscopic vapour that completely disinfects the cabin including walls, floor and bedding for your complete safety. Please note! you may find a very mild coating on the glass tops – this is the anti-bacterial film that’s protecting the cabin for your safety. This process will also be adopted for the Hot Tub and surrounding areas. We have also installed a Sanitising Gel dispencer at the entrance to the property and another by Duck Lodge itself – please can we ask you to use these when arriving and leaving the property.

  • About Pyecombe | Duck Lodge B&B

    ABOUT Pyecombe Pyecombe is a small village in West Sussex, steeped in ancient downland shepherding history and which nowadays is better known as the gateway to Brighton through the naturally formed ‘Clayton Gap’ in the Sussex South Downs countryside.​ The derivation of the word ‘Pyecombe’ is thought to stem from the Saxon name “peac cumb” which means ‘the peak valley’. The parish of Pyecombe comprises two settlements, ‘Pyecombe’ and ‘Pyecombe Street’ about a quarter of a mile apart. The separation of the two settlements is generally thought to be a consequence of plague in the 17th century which necessitated the temporary abandonment of the main settlement and its 12th century Saxo-Norman church. Pyecombe’s downland setting is magnificent and the primary influence on the village’s development. The village lies within the Sussex Downs AONB and within the national park boundary, it also straddles the South Downs Way as it crosses the A273 and A23. It is a popular destination for walkers, horse riders, and cyclists because of its beautiful setting, easy access to the South Downs Way and many other footpaths and bridlepaths and for being a ‘typical’ downland village. There are also three riding schools in the village which attract experienced riders and novices alike from far and wide. The most famous aspect of Pyecombe’s shepherding history is the distinctive shepherd’s crook, known as the ‘Pyecombe Hook’, which was crafted in the old Pyecombe Forge. The Pyecombe Hook was very popular amongst shepherds across the depth and breadth of the Sussex Downs in the latter part of the last millennium, One surviving Pyecombe Hook is integrated into the Tapsel gate at the entrance to the Churchyard. The Forge eventually closed and is now a private house. The village has a historic pub, The Plough Inn, which was renowned as a staging post for passing horse-drawn coaches in Victorian times and was even used as a temporary mortuary during the Second World War. Nowadays, it has an impressive reputation throughout the district for its upmarket Italian cuisine and for which it is highly recommended. More recently Wayfield Park Farm Shop and Cafe has opened, just the other side of the A23, which specialises in good quality local South Downs produce. The new extension in the Church is a great place for walkers as it provides a comfort break combined with tea and coffee making facilities. Whilst Pyecombe doesn’t have a community hall the Church is used for various community events and community gatherings along with normal Church services. There is also a small retail shop located within the BP garage which is open 24 hours. There are a number of local B&Bs in and around the village. The Parish of Pyecombe comprises approximately 80 dwellings and its Parish Council is served by five councillors and one parish clerk. The Parish Council meets regularly in the Church or Wayfield Park Farm shop, usually on the second Tuesday of each calendar month, although this arrangement is sometimes altered in order to ensure maximum attendency of this rather small Council. The Parish Council is kept busy with assessing the regular flow of planning applications which are brought to its attention by the South Downs National Park authority. The variety of houses in the village illustrate the evolution of a downland village through time. As a result they are an eclectic mix of styles ranging from former shepherd cottages to historic medieval buildings together with a scattering of less typical modern buildings. The Village Design Statement is currently being updated by the Council and defines the characteristic style of the village and will be used as a planning guidance document. It is the duty of the Council to ensure that all developments are in keeping with the downland character, and that no unsuitable larger developments are allowed. Pyecombe Parish Councillors are pleased and proud to be representatives of such a beautiful, historic and peaceful downland village as Pyecombe. They welcome residents and other members of the public to attend their monthly meetings at which there is always a short public forum where members of the Electorate can address Council on any Agenda items.

  • Parking | Duck Lodge B&B

    PARKING We ask you to park on the drive, not on the road please. When you arrive you will see the side entrance to Duck Lodge that has a sign on it – Please reverse into the drive as close to the fence as possible, letting your passenger out first so you can get nice and close to the fence and have the front of your car in line with the second post in to allow me to get my car out that’s parked at the front of the house. If you need to charge an Electric Vehicle we can do this on a complimentary basis overnight using a type 2 connector for 5 hours between 20:30 - 01:30

  • Duck Store | Duck Lodge B&B

    DUCK STORE There is a Microwave together with an Iron and Ironing board located in Duck Store for your use. Feel free to use this area to store any excess luggage or bags you may have to save space in Duck Lodge during your stay.

  • Check-in / Check-out | Duck Lodge B&B

    CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT Check-in time is 4pm. We can sometimes arrange an early check-in so please contact us in advance and we’ll do our best. Please note there isn’t any guarantee on this! We suggest you refer to the local area guide on what to do if you arrive early – there’s always the Plough Pub ! We ask you kindly to vacate Duck Lodge by 11am

  • Sky TV | Duck Lodge B&B

    SKY TV We have two TV’s in Duck Lodge – The main one in the lounge and a second screen in the bedroom area so you can snuggle up and watch a film in bed. To turn on the TV in the lounge use the Sky remote and press the power button – this will turn on the Sky Box and automatically turn on the screen. To turn off the screen hold down the power button till the red light comes on at the bottom of the screen. To turn off the Sky Box push the power button once. To operate the TV in the bedroom please use the LG Remote located on the bed side table. Note the bedroom TV is only a mirror image of what is being watched in the Lounge area. To select channels hit the SKY button on the top of the remote – push the left navigation button once, then up once & hit Enter (middle button with a dot). You will now see the planner, navigate to your desired programme and then hit Enter (the middle button with a dot). To access Netflix hit the Sky button – left arrow and scroll down to Apps, select Netflix and hit the Duck Lodge Account. The Pin number to access age related programmes is 1206

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  • Help & Assistance | Duck Lodge B&B

    HELP & ASSISANCE If you need anything whatsoever please call me (Keith) on my mobile 07966 292601 or knock on the Patio Door if I am in. I hope you enjoy your stay in Duck Lodge and if there is anything you need assistance with, for example Walks in this area or where to eat, I am your man as I know them all within Pyecombe and Brighton.

  • Hot Tub | Duck Lodge B&B

    HOT TUB The Hot Tub is located up on the main patio and available from 16:00 on a daily basis and is provided for your complimentary use. We kindly request you vacate the Spa by 21:00 and be respectful to our neighbours and not play loud music. We have provided two bathrobes to be used; these are hanging up in the bedroom. Please can we kindly ask you to take a shower and remove makeup before using the Hot Tub and tie up your hair up if its long as we wouldn’t like your hair to turn green due to the chlorine in the tub ;o) On arrival I will show you how to operate the tub and the awning that goes over the top. We kindly ask you to read through the below guidelines and let me know verbally you are happy with everything. We really don’t like to tell people what they can and can’t do, as this always sounds a negative. The Spa is for your pleasure during your stay but we have listed down some Do’s and Don’ts ultimately for your safety and pleasure and our protection. These are recommendations as set out by the The Hot Tub Society. The Hot Tub is heated to 38° at night and boosted between 14:30 – 16:00. Please note !….When the pumps are running on full power with air circulating through the water, the tub will naturally decrease in temperature as the heating system does not work when in use. By having the pumps on medium and not high, will help to maintain the heat. At 38° you are advised to limit your time in the hot tub to a maximum of 30 minutes in each use to a maximum of 2 hours in any one given time (These are guidelines and not compulsory) ​ Exceeding this time can affect your inner organs and cause fever-like conditions. Please shower and rinse before using the hot tub, as this washes away many of the common skin bacteria and chemicals that will reduce the effectiveness and cleanliness of the hot tub. People with skin, ear, or other body infections, open sores, or wounds should not use the hot tub due to the risk of spreading infection. Pregnant women and persons with heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, or any serious illness should consult their doctor before using the hot tub. Excessive exposure to the hot tub can increase the risk of allergic reactions and skin complaints. If any allergic reaction occurs leave the hot tub and rinse off in the shower then contact me 07966 292601. We suggest not to consume alcohol before or during hot tub use. (These are guidelines and not compulsory) !!! The heat of the water speeds up the effects of alcohol and can cause sleepiness, dizziness and unconsciousness. We suggest not use the hot tub when on medication as this may cause sleepiness, drowsiness or raise/lower blood pressure. We suggest not use the hot tub after a heavy meal or exercise as the water temperature can affect your heart rate. Please only use plastic glass which are available in the lodge. Please do not sit on the plastic lid, which covers the filter. Please ensure you understand how to remove and store the cover when using the hot tub. For the consideration of our neighbours, music should not be played loudly by the hot tub and we kindly request you vacate by 21:00 It is natural to raise your voices to speak over the jets, but please be aware that sound does travel very easily in the countryside and regulate your volume accordingly. We reserve the right to withdraw the hot tub without refund in the event of misuse. If the hot tub needs to be shut down, cleaned and refilled due to misuse then an additional charge will apply. We appreciate you taking the time to go through the above Enjoy

  • Gallery | Duck Lodge B&B

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