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  • Parking | Duck Lodge B&B

    PARKING We ask you to park on the drive, not on the road please. When you arrive you will see the side entrance to Duck Lodge that has a sign on it – Please reverse into the drive as close to the fence as possible, letting your passenger out first so you can get nice and close to the fence and have the front of your car in line with the second post in to allow me to get my car out that’s parked at the front of the house. If you need to charge an Electric Vehicle we can do this on a complimentary basis overnight using a type 2 connector for 5 hours between 20:30 - 01:30

  • Welcome | Duck Lodge B&B

    WELCOME We hope you enjoy your stay here and if this guide does not cover any subject you need assistance on please do not hesitate in contacting me. We have developed a new way for you to be introduced to Duck Lodge and a way for you to have all information to hand as we are not able to have a hard copy guide in the lodge due to health and safety recommendations that we are following. Welcome note: Duck Lodge is a boutique log cabin located in a village in the South Downs. Wake up to tranquility in this all-wood home, within the seclusion of a lush garden location. Inside, you’ll notice not just its eclectic furnishings and decor, but how well-equipped it is. Including a Nespresso coffee fix, Sky TV, Netflix and a Sonos sound system. The luxury extends outside, where you’ll enjoy a private patio and an honesty bar. The hot tub is 25m away up on the main patio for your exclusive use.

  • Directions | Duck Lodge B&B

    DIRECTIONS Travelling south on the A23 from Gatwick take the exit towards A273/Hassocks. At the T junction turn right and follow the road till you get to the Plough Pub which is on your left. Turn immediately left and drive up Church Lane till you come to a cross roads by the Church. Turn right down School Lane and we are the 4th house on the right. If travelling from Brighton on the A23 take the slip road towards Hassocks A273, go under the flyover, first exit will take you to the BP Garage/M&S continue and take the second turning on the left. Drive up School Lane and we are the third house on the left. We have a Swing Sign attached to the side of the house showing Duck Lodge and a large carriage lamp at the front.

  • Covid-19 | Duck Lodge B&B

    COVID-19 When staying in Duck Lodge please be rest assured in light of Covid-19 we are fully sanitising the lodge on a daily basis by using the latest fogging system. This new process sends a microscopic vapour that completely disinfects the cabin including walls, floor and bedding for your complete safety. Please note! you may find a very mild coating on the glass tops – this is the anti-bacterial film that’s protecting the cabin for your safety. This process will also be adopted for the Hot Tub and surrounding areas. We have also installed a Sanitising Gel dispencer at the entrance to the property and another by Duck Lodge itself – please can we ask you to use these when arriving and leaving the property.

  • W.C. | Duck Lodge B&B

    W.C. Please note – Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Everything else, including things such as wipes, sanitary products, dental floss and nappies must be placed in the bin provided to the left of the WC. Sanitary bags can be found under the sink

  • Duck Store | Duck Lodge B&B

    DUCK STORE There is a Microwave together with an Iron and Ironing board located in Duck Store for your use. Feel free to use this area to store any excess luggage or bags you may have to save space in Duck Lodge during your stay.

  • Sky TV | Duck Lodge B&B

    SKY TV We have two TV’s in Duck Lodge – The main one in the lounge and a second screen in the bedroom area so you can snuggle up and watch a film in bed. To turn on the TV in the lounge use the Sky remote and press the power button – this will turn on the Sky Box and automatically turn on the screen. To turn off the screen hold down the power button till the red light comes on at the bottom of the screen. To turn off the Sky Box push the power button once. To operate the TV in the bedroom please use the LG Remote located on the bed side table. Note the bedroom TV is only a mirror image of what is being watched in the Lounge area. To select channels hit the SKY button on the top of the remote – push the left navigation button once, then up once & hit Enter (middle button with a dot). You will now see the planner, navigate to your desired programme and then hit Enter (the middle button with a dot). To access Netflix hit the Sky button – left arrow and scroll down to Apps, select Netflix and hit the Duck Lodge Account. The Pin number to access age related programmes is 1206

  • Sound System | Duck Lodge B&B

    SONOS SOUND SYSTEM We have provided a sound system for your entertainment. This atomically works with voice activated Alexa To use Alexa always start your command with her name ie “Alexa” followed by ………. ​ What’s the weather like tomorrow Set alarm for 8am Play anything by Robbie Willaims Play Radio 1 Play Classic FM Skip Turn up the volume Turn it up Stop Pause Set volume to 3 Tel me a Joke Play Sunday morning music Tell me about the movie The Greatest Showman Have fun :o)

  • About Me | Duck Lodge B&B

    A BIT ABOUT ME I had worked for American Express for 24 years and regrettably I was made redundant in Feb 2016. Unknowingly at the time it was the best thing that could ever happen to me, as it was going to allow me to live my dream of running my own Bed and Breakfast. Having worked for a large Corporate company I had gained a massive amount of Customer Service and Communication skills dealing with the Rich and famous, arranging a picnic for 50 on the side of the Thames with 3 hours notice, organising a private jet for a family of 3 to attend a surprise party to purchasing a Baby Bentley wrapped up in a red bow for a Wedding present. Setting up Duck Lodge was going to be a challenge compared to my previous life but I have to say I have enjoyed it from day one. Duck lodge opened in Feb 2017 and has been an absolute dream to run. The one aspect I love is meeting different people on a daily basis – everybody has a story to tell which I find so interesting – I absolutely love dealing with people and making people feel happy, welcome and making sure they enjoy their stay in Duck Lodge and to be a memorable one. In my spare time I love taking my two Chocolate Labs (Bella & Beau) out walking on the downs, mountain biking around Sussex and the Lake District and my passion is Cooking – Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out ! I have lived in Pyecombe for 24 years and love being an intricate part of village life together with my Partner John and my 21 year old Daughter Ella. Watch this space for my first restaurant maybe! or eventually a session on Come a Dine With Me :o) Keith